Zoning Ordinance


Current Zoning Ordinances can be found below. Click on the center column to access the file. Please contact the Planning Department ((252)481-5828) if you have specific questions about the below documents. For Planning and Zoning applications, please (Click Here).




ARTICLE ONE General Provisions

ARTICLE TWO Basic Definitions and Interpretations

ARTICLE THREE Administrative Mechanisms

ARTICLE FOUR Zoning Districts & Map

ARTICLE FOUR - IV Table of Permitted Uses

ARTICLE FOUR - IV Notes to the Table of Permitted Uses

ARTICLE FOUR - IV-A List of Permitted Uses

ARTICLE FIVE Table of Area, Yard, and Height Requirements

ARTICLE SIX Commercial Corridor Overlay District

ARTICLE SEVEN Planned Building Group Regulations

ARTICLE EIGHT Planned Unit Development

ARTICLE NINE Off Street Parking, Driveways, and Off-Street Loading Requirements


ARTICLE ELEVEN Buffer Strips and Landscaping

ARTICLE TWELVE Zoning Certificate of Compliance and Conditional Use Permits

ARTICLE THIRTEEN Telecommunication Towers

ARTICLE FOURTEEN Lighting Regulations

ARTICLE FIFTEEN Vested Rights Provisions

ARTICLE SIXTEEN Appeals, Variances, and Interpretations

ARTICLE SEVENTEEN Hearing Procedures for Appeals and Applications

ARTICLE EIGHTEEN Enforcement and Penalties

ARTICLE NINETEEN Nonconforming Situations


The above documents are in Adobe Reader format. To download a free copy, visit the following site...





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