The Town of Ayden Public Works Department is responsible for a number of job functions to include street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, drainage, right-of-way maintenance, refuse collection, cemetery opening/closings, and landscaping of town property. The Public Works Department is comprised of a 8 man crew who work diligently to maintain an appealing aesthetic appearance for the Town.
Public Works Superintendent
The Public Works Department is led by Ja'Warren Cooper.

Ja'Warren Cooper


Sanitation Routes Map (Click Here)


NCDOT Announces Online Pothole Reporting

NCDOT recently announced its new online pothole reporting system with a commitment to fix potholes within 2 days of receiving a citizen request.  Go to or, if you prefer speaking to a representative, call 1-877-368-4968.  Please note:  only roads with "SR"/number on the road sign are state maintained roads.  Examples include: 102/Third Street; Old NC11/Lee Street; Jolly Road and Snow Hill Street.  For a visual aid, you may click here for a map.