Department Responsibilities

The Town of Ayden Support Services Department is responsible for providing assistance to customers who have inquiries about energy efficiency as well as is responsible for the reading of electric and water meter on the town's system. Functions of the department include home energy audits, weatherization tips, meter testing, and meter change outs. The Support Services Department staff work diligently to provide accurate reading of town meters and information related to energy efficiency and reducing utility bills.

Energy Audits

To schedule a home energy audit, please call Customer Service at (252) 481-5823. Our Support Services Department will be scheduled to send someone to your home, free of charge, and look for ways to reduce energy consumption and increase conservation.

"Watch Your Watts"

By agreeing to install load management switches on certain mechanical systems, customers can reduce energy used during peak demand times and receive a monthly credit on their utility bill. For more information about the town's "Watch Your Watts" program, please call customer service at (252) 481-5823.

Energy Conservation Information