Sunday, October 26 2014

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For those who would seek to find hope in our youth, look no further than Ayden's Brittany Murphy.


Murphy just completed her eighth grade year at Ayden Middle School. She was recognized at during the Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony on June 8 and received the many awards, including: the Honor Roll Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award, the Presidential Award for Excellence, Most Outstanding Most Outstanding Student in Chorus Award and others.


It is obvious from these accolades that Murphy is a committed student. More than that, though, Murphy is also conscientious.


During the ceremony she gave an inspirational speech encouraging her fellow classmates to continue to strive for success. "This generation," said Murphy, "has ability to wisdom to accomplish great things in life if we put our mind to it."


In comments later, Murphy said "My message is strive for greater things. Everybody is somebody. Don't just give up because you didn't make that grade or this way. Just do your best."


Murphy is looking forward to taking honors classes at A-GHS and aspires to be a Health Science Professor. She credits her father as her personal inspirations, and thanks her eighth grade teachers for pushing her to achieve her potential.


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