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Over the next ten months, the Town will be upgrading its utility meters to better serve the community.  Our current meters are electronically read but are reaching the end of their useful life.  Advances in technology will provide Customers and the Town faster and more reliable information to better manage electric and water consumption.


Some of the benefits of our new AMI — advanced meter infrastructure, will include:

  • Faster detection of outages and restoration of services
  • Return of “Watch Your Watts” load management program
  • Real Time Usage information for Customers
  • “Pay as you Go” options. Pay in advance for utilities and only how much you want
  • Faster leak detection notice to customers and Town
  • Ability to change your due date


Why is my meter being replaced?

Your current electric meter is likely over 20 years old and now is the time for us to update it. The Town of Ayden is exchanging existing meters for new AMI(automated meter infrastructure) meters as we continue to provide customers with affordable rates and improved service.  Some of the service improvements include more reliable delivery of energy, better power-outage detection, faster problem resolution and emergency response and remote meter reading.

How long does the installation take? Will I lose service?

The installation should take approximately 5 minutes for electric meters. Your service will go off briefly during this time.   Replacement of water meter electronic meter reading equipment should also only take a few minutes.  You will not see any disruption in your water service.

Will my new meter cause a change in my bill?

The new AMI meters have been tested in many climates and environments. All tests have shown that they are extremely accurate. If your bill does change, it is likely an indication that your old meter was under recording your usage, unlike the new meter. The good news is, we will not be billing you for any unbilled energy that was not accurately metered in the past.

Will my electric rates change because of these new meters?

Your rate per kilowatt hour will remain the same, even after the installation of your new meter.

Will my usage continue to be private?

Yes, your electric and water usage will continue to be confidentially protected. The new AMI meters will be read remotely and will not require a monthly visit to be read. The meters and the associated communications system are encrypted and equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized access.

Will I still be able to pay my bill the same as I have in the past?

Yes, bills can still be paid online at ayden.com or by calling 855-537-8290. Payments can also be made in person at Town Hall.

Who is installing the new meters?

Utility contractor NexGen Solutions will be installing the electric meters starting in March 2020.  Electronic meter reading equipment attached to your existing water meter will be upgraded by Town employees in the fall of 2020.

Will the new meter make it possible to know what I’m doing inside my home?

No, the only information collected by the new meter is how much energy and/or water is consumed based on the time of day, not how the energy or water was used.

Is the new meter safe?

Yes. Radio read meters have been around for several years and the technology has been proven to be safe and reliable. The Town of Ayden has used radio read electric and water meters for more than 10 years.  While wireless advanced meters have been subject to considerable attention for their use of low-level radio frequencies, in-depth review of the scientific literature by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that the small amount of RF energy produced by AMI meters is not harmful to your health.We take your health very seriously and would never install equipment that would risk your safety. The image below demonstrates how the RF of your new AMI meter compares to other regularly used electronics.

Additional research and information about meters are available on the EEI website or CCST website.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Town of Ayden at 252-746-5817.