We’re Upgrading!

Over the next ten months, the Town will be upgrading its utility meters to better serve the community.  Our current meters are electronically read but are reaching the end of their useful life.  Advances in technology will provide Customers and the Town faster and more reliable information to better manage electric and water consumption.

Upgrade Benefits

Some of the benefits of our new AMI — advanced meter infrastructure, will include:

  • Faster detection of outages and restoration of services
  • Return of “Watch Your Watts” load management program
  • Real Time Usage information for Customers
  • “Pay as you Go” options. Pay in advance for utilities and only how much you want
  • Faster leak detection notice to customers and Town
  • Ability to change your due date




Why is the Town upgrading?

To continue to provide reliable utilities to our customers, the Town must maintain its distribution system.  Over the past few years, the Town has upgraded our point of delivery and substations. 

Will it cost me anything?

No, the Town will pay for all new equipment needed.  The upgrades are part of our Capital Improvement Plan and on-going maintenance costs we budget for each year.

How will I get my new electric meter?

We’ll give you plenty of notice to let you know when our contractors will be at your home to replace your meter.  It will only take a few minutes to swap out the old meter with a new one. 

How will I get my water meter?

We will use the existing mechanical meter at your home and only upgrade the electronic reading equipment.  During the switch you will not see any loss of water pressure.

When can I expect to be upgraded?

We’ve just begun to design, engineer and place equipment orders for the upgrade so it will be a few months.  We anticipate we will begin installing new electric meters in the Spring of 2020.  Water meter upgrades will begin in early Fall of 2020.


If you have more questions or concerns about the upgrade, please contact us at billing@ayden.com