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Department Responsibilities

The Town of Ayden Electric Department is responsible for distribution and transmission infrastructure owned by the Town. This includes primary lines, secondary lines, services, substations, and meters. The Electric Department is comprised of an 8 man crew who work diligently to provide preventative maintenance and keep the power on for the residents and businesses in Ayden. The Town of Ayden is one of 51 Public Power Communities in North Carolina and is a member of ElectriCities North Carolina. The town provides electricity to over 4,000 customers, including several large industrial companies.

The Town’s Response to Tree Trimming, Felling

Our primary goal is to keep the power ON!  Our electric department is constantly monitoring our service lines and potential hazards that may come in contact with the steady stream of electric current.  Removing dangers ahead of wind and ice storms may decrease the likelihood of widespread power outages. If you see a limb or branch that is hanging on or near any electrical service, please contact our customer service department.  For after-hours calls, please contact our police department.

How can I tell if a limb/branch is on an electric line?  Usually, electric lines (primary and secondary) span from pole to pole and are the 1st and 2nd lines down from the top of the pole.  Limbs should never touch a primary line and should be cleared away from secondary lines. Secondary lines also extend from the pole to your home and may be described as an aerial service or overhead service.  Limbs and branches should be removed and trimmed away from these lines as well.

The town does not remove trees in rights-of-way or easements for cosmetic purposes.  Only trees that endanger our electric service lines will be felled.  The town does not remove trees from private property.

Public Power Week

Public Power Week is sponsored by the Town of Ayden every year in October. Each day of the week is celebrated by providing information to the community about the benefits of electricity provided by a public power community. The Town gives a Customer Appreciation Day to its customers with giveaways, refreshments, and information about energy efficiency. The Electric Department gives an education seminar to the Ayden schools to include bucket truck boom demonstrations and works with Nash Community College to provide information on their lineman technician program.