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The Assistant Town Manager is responsible for supervising 37 employees in the electric, public works, sanitation, water/sewer, stormwater, public buildings, and fleet maintenance departments.

The Town of Ayden Public Works Department is responsible for a number of job functions to include street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, drainage, right-of-way maintenance, refuse collection, cemetery opening/closings, and landscaping of town property. The Public Works Department is comprised of an 8 man crew who work diligently to maintain an appealing aesthetic appearance for the Town.


Each residential customer is provided one (1) green roll-out for garbage collection and one (1) blue recycling rollout for disposal of household waste and are the property of the Town of Ayden. Both services are included in your monthly billing statement and are charged at $15.00/month. Additional green roll-outs can be added to your collection for an additional monthly fee of $15.00

Roll-outs and bins should be placed by the curb no sooner than 5:00 pm the day before collection and must be removed from the curb and taken back to the residence no later than 7:00 pm on the scheduled collection day. All garbage must be bagged and placed in the roll-out for proper collection. Recycling must be contained within the blue bin or blue roll-out and may only contain the following materials:  aluminum, glass, plastic, sin/steel cans, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, paperboard (cake mix boxes, tissue boxes). For more information on recycling please click here.

Building and Contractor Rubbish:  Any building rubbish or debris must be removed by the contractor on a weekly basis.  Yard and tree debris shall be removed daily by the person hired to do the work.  Disposal of the items may be carried to the Pitt County Landfill located on Allen Road.  For more information on what can be disposed of at the landfill or transfer sites please click here.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito spraying will begin in July and will continue through September. Spraying will be completed, throughout town, every two weeks as conditions permit – i.e., no rain and temp below 85 degrees. Pellets (briquets) will also be distributed where standing water lies in public rights-of-way.

YOU can help too! Check out these tips to prevent them from multiplying in your own backyard:

1. Eliminate standing water, even the smallest amount can become a breeding ground.
2. Pick up litter and declutter your yard. Don’t let that old grill become a nursery for those little savages!
3. Keep your lawn mowed and your bushes and trees trimmed. Don’t give them a place to hide out.
4. If you have a green thumb, consider planting peppermint and lavender. They’re nature’s repellent!

The town uses two insecticides for mosquito control. We have also provided a link to CDC’s Fact Sheets that you may find useful.

AllPro envion rtu  – Label – SDS – CDC’s Fact Sheet on Truck Spraying

Zoecon Altosid briquets – Label – SDS – CDC’s Fact Sheet on Using Larvicides

NCDOT Announces Online Pothole Reporting

NCDOT recently announced its new online pothole reporting system with a commitment to fix potholes within 2 days of receiving a citizen request.  Go to www.ncdot.gov/contact/ or, if you prefer speaking to a representative, call 1-877-368-4968.  Please note:  only roads with “SR”/number on the road sign are state-maintained roads.  Examples include 102/Third Street; Old NC11/Lee Street; Jolly Road and Old Snow Hill Road.  For a visual aid, you may click here for a map.