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Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Between March and May 2022, the Town of Ayden will be conducting a survey among its customers. The purpose of this survey is to measure your satisfaction levels and opinions, as well as identify opportunities to improve the Town of Ayden moving forward.

The survey itself will be conducted by GreatBlue Research, Inc., a professional research firm located in Glastonbury, CT. Customers will have the opportunity to complete the survey digitally, and starting March 18th, GreatBlue will be making phone calls to collect feedback.

Additionally, a random sample of the Town of Ayden Public Utilities residential and commercial customers will be called, and the name of the firm (“GreatBlue”) will show up on the caller ID, if customers have that technology available at their home or business.

GreatBlue Research, Inc. maintains the anonymity of respondents to surveys the firm conducts. No information will be released that might, in any way, reveal the identity of the any customer that participates in the survey, either digitally, or by phone.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you participate in this important survey.